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The Registration "Adults" is not currently available.

One of the most unique and valuable aspects of an LLRC membership is the group practices.  Members can choose to attend practices of the groups defined below appropriate to their level of commitment and abilities.

Racing Group Practices emphasize training for serious competition while also maintaining a focus on improving technique.  This group is open to all members who have prior rowing experience.  You do not have to have many years of rowing under your belt; just a Learn to Row class last year.Recreational Group Practices emphasize improving technique as well as increasing speed and endurance.  This group is open to all members who have prior rowing experience.  If you plan on racing at a fall regatta, attendance is strongly suggested for a minimum of 15 out of the 26 practices offered.Learn-To-Row 2 practices are for recent Learn to Row participants.  This group was formed to allow new rowers a chance to get a little more experience under their belts before joining the whole group on a regular basis.  The emphasis for this group is learning how to scull, developing good technique in all boats and understanding how to develop speed.  Members in this group will also be encouraged to participate in regattas at the end of their season.  Please call the office for more information. Never rowed before but would like to learn how? Get the details on our Learn-To-Row for beginners.

Masters Recreation Row Every Saturday 8:00 AM


Reminders to Members: There will not be scheduled practices on major holidays or on regatta days.  You are still welcome to come row, but there may be limited equipment or safety launch. During scheduled practice times, all boats must be available for group use.  Please do not take a shell out before a scheduled practice if you will not have it back in time.  You are welcome to take boats out during scheduled practices once the practice group has left the docks.

Please familiarize yourself with the Club's List of Equipment and safety policies.

The Registration "Adults" is not currently available.