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Our Memberships

Membership to the Lake Lanier Rowing Club provides you access to one of the nation’s most unique and distinguished rowing facilities.  As a member, you have full access to LLRC equipment, gear and boathouse.  We also provide dedicated time on the lake for all skill levels, as well as coaching and instruction.  Membership also connects you with other rowers in your area! Benefits of a Membership:

  • Use of club equipment, both during scheduled practices, and to take out on your own during daylight hours.
  • Use of indoor training facility with 20 Model D C2 ergs.
  • Coaching at selected scheduled practices, which are held three times per week year round.
  • Log-in access to the LLRC member portal.
  • Social events (rafting trips, hikes, parties, etc.)
  • Availability of indoor personal boat and oar storage.

Types of Memberships

Youth Program

The Youth Program is open to girls and boys from any high school or middle school in the area.  No experience necessary!  We will teach you everything you need to know about rowing.

High School Fall Dues:
One Child: $375
2nd Sibling: $325
3rd Sibling: $275


Middle School Fall Dues: 
One child: $225
Each additional sibling: $175.00


Learn more about the youth program 

Adult Programs

Volunteer Membership
*Annual Dues are $350 each, and $300 for a spouse or second family member.
*Volunteer hours are required! You must sign up for at least 2 club events during the year, coxing at a club practice, and 20 hrs of additional work party or cleaning sessions. 
Read the details of volunteer hour requirements.

Non-Volunteer Membership
*Annual Dues are $700 each, and $600 for a spouse or second family member.
*Although there is no volunteer hour requirement, members are strongly encouraged to help out with large events, regattas and other club activities.

Associate Membership
*Non-rowers or parents of youth members who would like to provide support to the club can purchase an Associate Membership for $50 per year. 

Additional Options Available to Members

Rowing Shell Storage Fee
*Singles are $150/year and doubles are $200/year for personal boat storage of members in good standing. For pricing for larger boats contact the LLRC Office.

*If a boat is made available for use by the club (members or students) there is no charge for storage.