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LLRC Equipment

The LLRC fleet includes just about everything! We have 3 boat bays full of eights, fours, quad/straight four convertibles, double/pair convertibles, and recreational and racing singles. Our boats range from super-lightweight to heavyweight, and encompass the needs of novice as well as experienced racing rowers.

Current LLRC Inventory:

8+ Henry & Cecily Kannapell Vespoli (MW)
8+ Jack Pyburn Vespoli (MW)
8+ Sara Nevin Vespoli (HW)
8+ Admiral Robert McNitt Pocock (HW)
8+ 1960 Olympic Pocock (HW)
4x Taste of Gainesville Hudson (LW)
4x Judge Sid Smith Hudson (LW)
4x Cmdr. David & Mrs. Faye Markey WinTech (MW)
4x Richard & Tricia Bunzl Hudson (MW)
4x John Ferriss 2 Hudson (MW)
4x Faulkner Bros. Kaschper (HW)
4+ Jim Mathis Jr. Vespoli (LW)
4+ Frank & Ann Marie Hynes Vespoli (MW)
4+ Butch & Becky Harben Vespoli (HW)
2x/- Jay Gaspar Hudson (LW)
2x/- white hull, blue deck Kaschper (LW)
2x/- Bill & Kitty Fields WinTech (MW)
2x/- Lou & Jean Fockele WinTech (HW)
2x/- Joel & Kitty Wise Hudson (HW)
2x/- Chuck Logg/Tom Price Hudson (HW)
1x Blind Ambition Vespoli
1x yellow Dirigo (LW)
1x white Burgashell (LW)
1x white (McHugh) Hudson (MW)
1x Pro Am25 Elite (white) Little River (MW)
1x white (Chandler) Hudson (HW)
1x white Janousek (HW)
1x Sprint (yellow/white) Little River (HW)
1x 16 (blue/white) Alden (HW)


We also have available for club use: 6 Edon 1x boats with removable pontoons, 25 sets of sculling oars, 5 1/2 sets of 8 sweep oars, 8 sets of pontoons, 24 C2 Model D ergometers, 3 sets of C2 slides, 4 NK speed coaches, 4 NK stroke coaches, and safety lights.

We remind our members that the care and maintenance of our equipment are the responsibility of everyone. Know and execute proper boat handling. Wipe shells down following use. Keep the wheels and tracks clean to prevent excess wear. Remember to return safety lights and speed/stroke coaches after use. Report any damage to John Ferriss, and tag the boat with a yellow note found next to the log books with the extent of the damage to alert other members. We thank you for your help. All of the LLRC club boats which are available for club members are in Bay 2 and Bay 3.

Questions about appropriate usage of boats or any equipment should be directed to our head coach. The sculling oars in the 4 hanging racks closest to Bay 2, and all sweep oars painted with the LLRC design are available for club members. All of the boats in Bay 1 and all the sculling oars in the 3 racks closest to the Bay 1 door are privately owned and are not available for club use.

During scheduled practice times, all boats must be available for group use.  Please do not take a shell out before a scheduled practice if you will not have it back in time.  You are welcome to take boats out during scheduled practices once the practice group has left the docks.

Space is currently available to club members for single shell storage in the boathouse for $150/year. Other prices are available on request for larger shells. If you would like to make your boat available for use by (appropriate) others, there is no charge for storage.