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High School Rowing

The Registration "High School Rowing" is not currently available.

High school students interested in working on their physical conditioning and understanding the mechanics of the rowing stroke are welcome to join this season.  This is a great time to get involved in the LLRC youth program.  Contact Lake Lanier Rowing Club with questions at

Rowing as a High School athlete occurs at two different levels, based on time rowing and experience in the water.  These levels are referred to as Novice and Varsity.  Both levels of rowing are open to boys and girls.  Novice rowers are any athlete entering 9th grade or an athlete in grades 9-12 with no prior rowing experience.  Varsity athletes are those rowers who have had previous rowing experience and in grades 10-12.  

Rowing has seen a tremendous surge in popularity at both the high school and college levels. Here is a list of the Division I (DI) women's crew programs in the United States. For women, there is rowing at the DII and DIII level as well.  

Although men’s rowing is not a NCAA recognized sport, Ivy League, Pac12, and other schools which include crew as a varsity sport offer scholarship opportunities to them as well.  

The teamwork and camaraderie involved in the sport at every level foster lifelong friendships and remain the main reasons for the popularity of the sport. Rowing is about striving for individual excellence and striving to achieve goals as a group of athletes. Rowers push themselves and each other,  with a lot of help from great coaches and strong coxswains. Any person with motivation and a great attitude will show a lot of success in the sport of rowing.

Rowing is going places in the southeast and in the State of Georgia. In June 2017, LLRC, for the first time in club history, sent a team boat to the USRowing Youth National Championships in Sarasota, Florida, where they placed 14th in the country.  This event changes locations every year across the country.  In addition, a Varsity female rower from the LLRC youth program represented the United States of America in the 2017 Juniors Can Am Mex Games in Victoria, British Columbia in July.

Lake Lanier Rowing Club would like the opportunity to introduce you to a sport you may have only seen on television during the Olympic Games.  You can join at any time within the seasons of Fall, Winter and Summer.  New rowers wanting to join up in the Spring, can only do so at the beginning of the season.    If interested, please contact us at  


LLRC Youth Rowers Competing in a Regatta